A Very 3D Christmas Screen Saver

Watch how Santa manages to deliver all those presents in one night with this amazing 3D saver!

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Get into the Christmas spirit with this jolly 3D screensaver which features Santa delivering presents in his sleigh. However, Santa is a slacker, so as the reindeer pull his fat butt thru the sky, his friendly elf sidekick does all the hard work! With heaps of configuration options including a countdown to Christmas day, and over 50 Christmas carols as background music that will really set your teeth on edge, this is fun for the whole family!

Features Include:

  • Fun 3D Cartoonish characters, and lots of different camera angles so you never quite see the same thing twice.
  • A real-time 3D, randomly generated town with houses, trees, snowmen and smoking chimneys for Santa to climb down.
  • Festive music! Over 50 Christmas tunes as background music. Select the one you like, or have random tunes playing, or turn them off altogether.
  • Countdown to Christmas day so you know how long you have to wait for your presents!
  • Many different options! You can select how intense the snow storm is, how many reindeer are pulling the sleigh, and many more options!


Image ( sample )